6 Great Ways to Trim Your Nose Hair

Today, I’m going to be speaking with you about ways to cut your nose hair. I’m going to provide you 6 approaches to basically make this a typical part of your regimen.

Really quick, it’s one of those things that as we grow, as we get older we’re going to discover that our body modifications. No longer are we always just producing hair on the top of our head.

It’s actually now coming out of our nose, coming out of our ears, other locations.

It is something that you’re going to have to, as you get older, pay more attention to because, actually, when it boils down to it, if you have a lot of protruding nose hair, if it’s sticking out there, it is going to get people’s attention, and that’s not exactly what you want them to concentrate on. Nose Trimmerly talks about the mental side of it on their website all the time.

You do not want to be having a business conference or having a good conversation and having that person who’s maybe a couple of inches much shorter than you searching for at you and stating, “Wow. That person has a lot of nose hair. I have no idea exactly what he’s speaking about.

I’ve never seen anything like that.” That’s not the impression, that’s not the image you want a send out. That’s why we take care of this and we guarantee that we’re on top of our grooming.

6 Different Grooming Methods And Tools To Select from

# 1 Nose Scissors

nose-hair-scissorsNumber one, what’s the very first method I want you to think about? Scissors. You have actually probably seen this and thought about this. I do not remember exactly what film it was however it had some person in there cleaning his nose hair.

He somehow got the scissors stuck in there. Guideline primary, when you are picking grooming scissors for accuracy cutting is make certain that they’ve got this good little round smooth edge.

I’m a huge fan of Gorilla Killa. A friend of mine owns the business. Really, the business is called PINNACLE. You can find them on Amazon. I’ll connect over to them in the article that will be supporting this video.

I truly like the build and making certain they’re actually sharp and they remain together here at the edge. You can go in and make it occur that way. This works for a lot of people and it’s most likely the most basic approach out there. However, there are other ones out there.

# 2 Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

nose-hair-electric-trimmer-menGroom Mate, this is technique number two. This is a manual trimmer. I’ve had this for about 3 years, actually even longer than that. What occurred however is I dropped it one time. It did get off a bit. This is a small little precision tool. You can choose it up on Amazon. Again, I’m going to link to it also. I like this one.

In a sense, it does exactly what it’s made to do. It never runs out. It’s not battery-powered. It’s just by hand powered. You hold up in a certain area of your nose and after that you turn it. Again, I’ll go into this more over on the article. I’ll reveal you some images.

Like I pointed out, I took it apart. I was cleaning it. Probably I didn’t even have to do that. I ended up dropping it in my sink. It did, suddenly, flex one of the metal parts so it ended up being tough to stick it in there. I tried to repair it. This is a fantastic tool. It served me well for three years.

However, you got to be extremely careful. This is something you must keep in a specific set and take care with.

# 3 Battery-powered Circular Nose Hair Trimmers

Number 3, the third approach I’m going to speak about is the battery-powered. This one is unpacked. I didn’t unpack it because I currently have one like this. This is the very first nose trimmer I ever bought. This one here is made by Panasonic. I believe they call it the Vortex.

The point is it’s circular and it walks around very rapidly. So extremely similar fit to the Groom Mate in terms of the method it works however they have a circular blade that goes around. So both of these are circular blades and both of them are fine item.

In truth, you can normally pick this up or discover something similar for well under $20. Nevertheless, my favorite and the one I really want to get you thinking about is the Philips Norelco great accuracy trimmer.

Exactly what I really like about this one is it does not have the circular, instead it has a detachable head that you can connect whether you desire it to be a nose trimmer or if you want it to be something that can trim other parts, the back of your neck, your eyebrows, things like that. Exactly what I truly like about this one is it goes back and forth.

I’m sometimes going pretty fast when I’m trimming my nose hairs. Whenever I would utilize these actually fast, sometimes, they would get a here, and that injures. If you have ever trimmed your nose hair, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That is exceptionally unpleasant.

# 4 Battery-powered Non-circular Nose Hair Trimmers

So what I actually delight in about this one is I’ve never ever had it get anything in my nose and it actually does a fantastic task. I likewise like that it can double for looking after eyebrows or ear hair or trimming the back of the neck or a few of the other locations like that. So I extremely suggest it, once again, the Philips Norelco. I’m going to link to it over in the article and I’ll have more images.

I promised you 6 approaches, and that’s just four. So the other two, I’m going to talk about however I’m not going to advise.

# 5 Nose Hair Waxing

Number 5 is getting your nose hair waxed. I’ll link you over to the video of my good friend, Aaron Marino, doing this. He took one for the group. I would not decrease this route. It costs about as much money whenever you do it which is most likely going to be at least as soon as a month, as much as this. I would rather simply keep that in my house and not have to go to some beauty salon to get my nose hairs waxed.

# 6 Nose Hair Tweezers

tweezers-nose-hair-menThe 6th approach and the most uncomfortable approach is tweezers. If you see a random roaming hair you can reach in there and you can pull that child right out.

I would not advise it. It hurts however this is probably the most affordable, most convenient approach to go but not going to be advised unless you delight in pain.

I provided you six alternatives. Now let’s talk about how to do this regularly. I highly recommend as soon as a week. You have a time reserved for you to groom yourself. That’s going to be taking care of your nails, taking care of your eyebrow.

It’s not something to think of maybe in your early 20s but as you go into your 30s, 40s and 50s you’re going to begin finding that you’ve simply got hairs growing all over your body. Once a week, look at a mirror and see if there’s anything growing.

I’ve got one friend, he calls himself a monster. He simply gets random spots of hair that have been beginning to grow on his body. This is normal, gentlemen. We are guys. We have particular hormonal agents that are altering as we’re growing older, and it’s something you will see. Your hair begins to get thicker and begin to grow in locations that it didn’t in the past as you age and as you become more mature.

There’s nothing wrong with that but what I would state is you want to make sure you’re sending the ideal image. So if you’re an expert, again, don’t let those nose hairs get out of control.

I’m going to link you people to the short article. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got some alternative techniques that I didn’t discuss. I look forward to seeing you guys in the next video. Bye-bye.